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As a member of Slow Food (and currently also board member of local USA chapter Slow Food Houston), I am motivated to support the mission of good, clean, fair food in my own kitchen and lifestyle.

It’s not that hard, and definitely not a sacrifice for a real food lover. Biodiversity, local and regional gastronomy, ‘clean’ grown and raised food are all key to good tasting and exciting food! Sourcing ingredients from a local farmer or grower brings that element of personal and special to the plate, appreciating the good taste even more. Eating the food of real-food focused chefs and artisans just makes you feel good all-round.

When I travel, I research a little about the local gastronomy. It helps me decipher menus and recognize things at the local food market, and at the same time I get to treat my taste buds to yet another exciting new food.

I cook from scratch with a whole thing approach (be that meat, fish, poultry or vegetables). Meat is part of the weekly meal plan, just not every day. Vegetables, on the other hand, are big on our dinner plates and always at least two different veggies every day. I love the diversity of vegetables. Speaking of diversity: I love diversity of cuisines.

I’m a “wing it” cook. I let ingredients I have determine my dish rather than a recipe and I encourage anyone willing to try my recipes to do the same! The only way to find out what something tastes like, is to try it!

Recipes on this blog will have a strong focus on cooking from scratch, using leftovers, limiting food waste.


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